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  • Lithuania
    Living in Europe | Access to the culture of the host country/language courses

    Lithuanian language, in the context of all Indo-European languages, has best upheld the ancient sound system and plenty of its singularities. In this respect, it is very similar to Sanskrit, Ancient Greek and Latin. How to learn Lithuanian? Some universities have departments of the Lithuanian...

  • Lithuania
    Working in Europe | Pension rights

    A retirement pension Terms and conditions for claiming a retirement pension. A retirement pension is paid to persons meeting the following requirements: the person is a permanent resident of the Republic of Lithuania; the person has reached the statutory pension age; the person has paid social...

  • Lithuania
    Working in Europe | Recognition of diplomas

    Recognition of qualifications If one wishes to study, academic recognition of one’s education must be performed. If one wishes to work, professional recognition of one’s education will be performed. Documents for education assessment and academic recognition are to be submitted to the Centre for...

  • Lithuania
    Working in Europe | Research Landscape

    You are willing to know how to find suitable colleges, universities or various research possibilities in research institutions in Lithuania and detailed information about them, we are able to help you do this. Higher Education Institutions State universities Vytautas Magnus University Kaunas...

  • Lithuania
    Working in Europe | Taxation/salaries

    There are many different taxes in Lithuania. The following taxes and duties are considered to be the main ones: Personal Income tax; Corporate Income Tax; Value Added tax; Excise Duties; Real Estate Tax; Land Tax; Inheritance Tax; Lottery and Gambling Tax. Information on the main taxes in Lithuania...

  • Lithuania
    Working in Europe | Unemployment

    Unemployment insurance benefits are granted to insured persons are dismissed from work or from the office of the civil servant through no fault of the employee or the civil servant, due to circumstances beyond the employee’s or civil servant’s control or in the event of the employer’s bankruptcy and...

  • Lithuania
    Working in Europe | Work permit

    European Union citizens Matters regarding citizens of the European Union living and working in Lithuania are regulated by the European Union Citizen Act. A foreign national, who is a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union, European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation...