Recognition of qualifications

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Recognition of qualifications

If one wishes to study, academic recognition of one’s education must be performed.

If one wishes to work, professional recognition of one’s education will be performed.

Documents for education assessment and academic recognition are to be submitted to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE). Information about necessary documents.


Documents for Recognition of doctoral degrees in science (art) acquired abroad are to be submitted to the ResearchCouncil of Lithuania). Information about necessary documents.


Where to go for professional recognition?

If you want to engage in regulated professional activities:

Select the profession you want to pursue in the list of regulated professions and address the competent authority indicated in relation to such a profession.

If you want to engage in non-regulated professional activities:

In this case, address your potential employer, who will decide whether your education is suitable for the job. The employer may need information about the academic level of your education. In that event, the employer may request you to undergo the procedure of your education assessment and/or its academic recognition.