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Lithuanian language courses


Lithuanian language, in the context of all Indo-European languages, has best upheld the ancient sound system and plenty of its singularities. In this respect, it is very similar to Sanskrit, Ancient Greek and Latin.

How to learn Lithuanian?

Some universities have departments of the Lithuanian language, which run all kinds of Lithuanian language and culture courses for foreigners. The most important of these are the whole year (two semesters) and several week (two, four) courses. Courses are offered at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. If required, individual instruction is available.

The aim of courses for beginners is to provide the learner with the knowledge of the grammatical structure of the Lithuanian language, basic vocabulary, and to develop reading, writing and communication skills. Intermediate and advanced level groups are offered classes in Baltic and Lithuanian philology, Lithuanian literature, ethno culture, history and other Lithuanian studies subjects. Lectures on political and economic situation of the country are on offer as well.

Foreign nationals are charged fees for Lithuanian language courses. The price depends on the chosen university and the type of a course. For those coming for one semester Lithuanian studies will be charged about 1500 EUR.

The ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania may pay tuition fees for Lithuanian studies or a Lithuanian language course and award scholarships to those researchers, foreign students and lecturers who come to Lithuania according to international agreements.

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