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Pension rights

  • A retirement pension
    Terms and conditions for claiming a retirement pension. A retirement pension is paid to persons meeting the following requirements: the person is a permanent resident of the Republic of Lithuania; the person has reached the statutory pension age; the person has paid social pension insurance contributions for at least 15 years. Additionally may have a private Pension Fund (particular pensionē scheme) and transfer 2% of his/her state social insurance payment to that fund. The retirement age has increased every year since 2012 and by 2026 it will be 65 years for both men and women. In 2021, the retirement age will be 63 years and 4 months for women, and 64 years and 2 months for men.
  • An early retirement pension
    An early retirement pensionmay be paid to permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania who, on the day of application for an early retirement pension, meet all the following requirements: are within five years of retirement age; have paid at least 30 years' worth of social insurance pension contributions; are not in receipt of other pensions or payouts; are not working under contract, on the basis of membership or service, are not self-employed, are not a farmer or a farmer's partner within the meaning of the Law on farming, and are not in receipt of income from a foreign government relating to an employment relationship.
  • Pensions for scientists
    The award and payment of state pensions to scientists is governed by the temporary Law on State Pensions for Scientists. State pensions for scientists are awarded to individuals with an academic degree or title and at least a 10 year career of a doctor or habilitated doctor at the age of old-age pension or having lost 60–100% of their capacity for work.

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